An Open Letter to Whoopi Goldberg….We most certainly WERE Listening

Since I saw The View’s so-called “apology” clip on social media, I’ve given this post a tremendous amount of thought. My first instinct and knee-jerk reaction was to sit down with my laptop and blast them with full force…unload my anger  and outrage onto the page…err…computer screen…so I could purge it and get all of that negativity out of my system. I’ll admit, I even got about a quarter of the way through that piece, when I stopped to re-read it. It was a scathing, searing diatribe that quite frankly, made me ashamed of myself. It sounded like something that the View Crew would say…it was petty, spiteful, angry and distasteful. That’s not who I am as a person, a writer or more specifically, a nurse. Quite frequently, I end my blog posts with a sentence urging my readers to be kind to each other. I am a tireless advocate for tolerance, peaceful coexistence and doing unto others, as the old saying goes. Those beliefs were always as much a part of my nursing practice as my clinical skills. Blasting the women of The View with insults and anger will only fuel the fire of their ignorant misconceptions regarding the nursing profession, and that ultimately serves no truly useful purpose.

That being said, I have no intention of  just simply allowing my profession and all of my many colleagues to be repeatedly insulted and NOT speak out. I hear my Mother’s voice in my head…you can be assertive without being aggressive….you can be direct without being demeaning…and lastly, her old standard: when all else fails, give them a taste of some Irish Diplomacy and tell them to go to hell in such a way it will make them look forward to the trip. (She was quite a character!) I have decided there is only one way to go about accomplishing this.

An Open Letter to Whoopi Goldberg:

Ms. Goldberg,

I am very disappointed in you. I wrongly expected more of you than to look directly into the camera and tell an entire profession of educated, degreed professionals that we need to listen and pay attention. I can assure you, we were listening, very closely indeed. However, I felt the need to let you know that while I was listening and paying attention, I realized I have much for which to thank you.

Thank you for reminding me how very fortunate I am to share a profession with some of the kindest souls on the planet. I am no longer a nurse at the bedside, but when I was, my coworkers were the best of the best. I have had the distinct honor and privilege to work alongside some of the most amazing, intelligent, highly skilled, and riotously funny people… my sisters and brothers of my nurse family…and for that I will be forever grateful. I hope that someday, you will be able to say the same.

Thank you for reminding our profession that solidarity is not something we will ever lack. It has been refreshing to watch nurses supporting Kelly Johnson, and each other. I have to admit, this recent uprising of nurses in support of one another has been long overdue. It confirms what we have always known but have been too busy in recent times to recognize…We are many, yet we stand as one. The callous, thoughtless remarks on your show may have been aimed at one beauty pageant contestant, but 3 million nurses in the US felt the sting for her and with her. I guess you could say, that’s just how we roll. And it’s wonderful that you reminded us of that fact.

I cannot thank you enough for solidifying the entire medical community. It is no secret, or  big surprise that in our high-stress careers nurses, doctors, and members of ancillary staff have been known to “butt heads” on occasion. It is simply the nature of the beast that is healthcare. However, as a direct result of the comments made this week on The View, I’ve come to realize that not only do nurses have each other’s backs, there are many others who have rushed to our defense as well. I personally, because of one blog post I’ve written regarding your comments, have heard from MDs, DOs, nursing assistants, veterinarians, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, veterinary assistants, lab techs, radiology techs, hospital administrators, pathologists, social workers, hospital housekeeping staff, maintenance staff, professors, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, a couple of cafeteria workers and even a CFO of a large hospital in California all standing united in support of nurses around the world. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming, touching and quite humbling. Nurses don’t ask for much, and therefore we don’t frequently get a lot of credit. It is heartwarming to know that people recognize and appreciate all that nurses do, and we have you, the women of The View, to thank for that.

A big thank you to your colleague Joy Behar for  making it so abundantly clear through her “stupid and inattentive” statements, that as women, there quite obviously needs to be more education and awareness of how we speak to, and about, one another. We’re doing better, but Ms. Behar made us realize that we still have so very far to go. A young woman stood on a stage at a beauty pageant dressed in scrubs and was ridiculed, not supported in the least. She was blasted for wearing a “nurse costume” instead of a cleavage-baring evening gown or skimpy outfit. Not a word was spoken about her ability to be an articulate and well-composed public speaker. Not a word was mentioned that she was obviously an intelligent professional, proud of her chosen career. Not a single syllable was uttered about the content of her monologue (which was, by the way, caring for an Alzheimer’s patient named Joe, and NOT just simply reading her emails out loud). Ms. Behar’s mean-spirited knee-jerk reaction and then subsequent act of playing dumb, I-didn’t-know-what-was-going-on routine (which NOBODY is buying) makes me grateful that the amazing women I worked with, and the incredible women I have in my life as friends, have the insight and class to think before they speak…to be supportive before they judge…to feel empathy toward other women and make the conscious choice to build them up, instead of tearing them down.

I would like to thank Michelle Collins for the unexpected gift of  immense gratitude for my unimportant, non-celebrity life, because wow. Does she ever grow tired of chewing on that foot that is constantly in her mouth? I know that being a celebrity and having everything you do and say picked apart must get tiring and infinitely frustrating. But when you issue a supposed apology to an entire profession and then send out tweets (and I’m not certain if these were immediately before, or immediately after the taping of the non-apology) that are highly insulting to that same profession, you either a) just really do not care, b) really honestly suffer from delusions of grandeur or c) both are correct.  The Tweets in question are as follows: “I mean it is a little funny the hidden anger you nurses possess. I never knew.” “I’m not taking an anti-nurse platform haha. Like everyone prescribe yourselves a Valium and let’s just all relax.” I was at a loss for words. Wow. Just wow. And you honestly want us to believe that you do not understand WHY this is offensive?

See, Ms. Goldberg? We DO pay attention. I understand that this is supposed “humor”, but I also understand that 3 million nurses in the US and millions more worldwide, the physicians we work beside and the rest of the healthcare community are most assuredly not laughing.

Before I finish, I want to thank your assistant’s-assistant’s-assistant’s-assistant to whatever assistant producer for maybe reading this thank you note from one of the “little people.” All I ask is that you keep this one thing in mind…we are not famous…we may not be wealthy…but we are many and we stand as ONE. Two of your corporate sponsors have already pulled out…kudos to Johnson & Johnson and Egglands’ Best!! We thank these companies from the bottom of our hearts!…..and others are right at this moment, considering following their lead. Funny, isn’t it?

And in closing, I want to assure you and all the women of your panel that when the need arises, and you look up with tear-filled eyes, full of panic, full of fear…into the eyes of the nurse standing at your bedside, you will find that all of your disrespectful comments in that moment, will be forgotten. Because nurses don’t see celebrities…or CEO’s…or homeless bums…or junkies…we only see patients. And time and time again, we put our hearts on the line for every single one of you. Like I said before, that’s just how we roll. I can assure you, our hearts are much bigger than your egos. And for helping me and millions of my sisters, brothers, comrades and colleagues around the world realize that, I thank you.




About R.J. Rudd

I am who I am And that's all I can be. You try to be you, And that makes us free. (Poem I wrote at 7 yrs of age. Quite the little philosopher I was at such a tender age!)
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  1. N Branam says:

    I think it would be great if everyone in support of the medical field (whether it be employees, families, patients, friends……), could take just one designated day a month to go out and make their purchases of J&J or EB products, that would be great. It would be nice to show ‘some people’ how big of a family we are!! Thank you for your class act reply to the ugly comments and the ugly apology.

  2. Bud says:

    I was in the hospital for 4 days a few months back, and all the time I was there The nurses checked on me every hour of the day, not only checked on me but stayed and talked with me a while. I thank God for the nurses.

    • Joannie Volner says:

      I was in the hospital for what started out to have a brain tumor removed that was the size of a little bigger then a tennis ball….. and ended up staying in there for several weeks. Then, having to have more surgeries because of problems that my body only knew what was happening to it!! I ended up having 25 surgeries in 22 months!! I had Leech therapy down at Mayo, St. Mary’s Hospital, in Rochester, MN, Methodist hospital there and I have to say that between United, and St. Joe’s Hospitals, MN and Mayo Clinic Rochester MN and all those surgeries…..I had only one bad nurse!! The rest of them and there were many…were the most wonderful nurse’s ever!!!! I had wonderful care and they were all wonder with my husband and family as well!!! I would recommend any of these hospitals for care!! What my body had figured out and my husband was the one who finally figured out what my body was telling him……is that my body was rejecting everything the surgeons put in my body from sutures, to staples to the point on my second brain surgery there was some fluid building in my brain where the tumor was removed so they went back in and then had to throw away my skull piece they remove to do the surgery it, they believed I had a start of an infection and it was contaminated so out it went… Lovely, just lovely!!
      So then we went down to Rochester, Mayo Clinic, to see a plastic surgeon thinking that he could find a way to get something to put in to replace my skull!!! I kept having to have more surgeries because every time they did surgery I wouldn’t heal and the surgery line would start breaking down and i would be seeping liquid and they couldn’t figure out why! So then the put my in Hyperbaric chamber treatments…I had several when I had a seizure induced by being in there and my doctor really wanted me to have that therapy so then I started them again and I had another seizure!!! Well the head nurse said I couldn’t have them any more and I didn’t so they had to figure out something else so I have to have another surgery to for them to do a free flap and when I woke up from the surgery and back in my room they told me that they were using Leeches on my open head wound so the leeches hopefully get the blood flow going again!! They used in a week and a half’s time 424 Leeches at $124.00 a piece!! The leeches drained 16 units of my total blood volume!!! I was getting transfusions during that time 16 units!!! I hated those Leeches and I have night mares about them!!! I have PTSD I’m now afraid to go to the Doctor and have anxiety, which I had really bad before they removes the tumor and since then it isn’t near as bad as it was, that was a 5 or 6 week stay at Saint Mary’s Hospital. but during the time with the Leeches every Nurse, Student Nurse, Doctors all came to see me and my Leeches!!!! I was go glad when that was done because they had to do that 24 hours a day for 1 1/2 weeks!!!! So then they made a replica of my skull and cut the piece that would fit in the empty….that lasted a few hours before my body rejected that so they had to throw that away!!! So them they decided to put part of my letisamus muscle out of my back and I ended up having three surgeries on my back. I still am not sure exactly what that was supposed to do but I have ten donor sites on my right thigh where they took skin for graphing on my head and the three surgeries on my back (That muscle is huge it goes from the top almost by the shoulder down too the lower back and up to the other shoulder that muscle is V shaped!!! It won’t grow back and I have muscle spasms all the time!!! Like I said I had 25 surgeries in 22 months!! My last being in 20011.. After all of that I found out that I have another brain tumor of the same kind and I can’t have anymore surgeries on my heat because I’m allergic to anything foreign in my body it turns out!!!! But it was my wonderful husband that finally figured out what was happening…..because he was packing my head and back wounds and where ever there was stitches the surgical line would break down and not heal!!! My husband is in school to become a nurse!!! There is so much more to this story, but my reason for this is I wanted to get the word out there that nurses are wonderful and that should be treated with respect because they are unsung hero’s!!! I can’t thank them enough for they kindness and compassion, empathy and taking such great care of me and being always ver kind!!!! For those like Whoopi and Joy, and the rest of the ladies on the View!!! There time in done they no longer are just giving their views they are telling us how we should live and vote and be more like them God forbid!!!!! The View is a bad show and needs to get cancelled!!!!!!! My other brain tumor is just like the first one it’s benign (Thank You God) very slow growing and will die when I do!!! It’s called a Menginoma (Sorry I can’t remember how to spell it!!! They figure the first one could had started when my mother was pregnant with me and my twin and no she doesn’t have any and the reason I know that is she had a stroke almost two years ago and they did an MRI on her!!! So I am still missing that part of my skull plate, I have a half a head of hair going from the top front down to the base of the neck with a little strip down the right side of my hear so I have a comb over going on and I have where I can put in a pony tail….I just have to be very careful, that is all. I’m so sorry for this very long comment!!! Nurses are great!!!!! They actually should get what the Doctors get paid for the work they do!!!!

  3. Frankie says:

    Still waiting moderation
    Frankie says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    September 20, 2015 at 9:02 pm
    I have mixed feelings on this article. I have been in hospitals off and on pretty much my whole life, for myself and for family. Not all nurses are the same. Many are great but there are many that are too busy looking at magazines behind the main desk, I had a girlfriend who was a nurse and she was disgusted with some of her fellow nurses that seemed to be too lazy to get off their butt. (Her words, not mine) I’ve spent months watching someone die and near the end sitting with a family member and they’d need a needle for pain (dying of cancer) and after checking every 15 minutes, they’d keep saying they’d be in but stood their talking to someone about recipes. (The doctor was not impressed). I saw two nurses getting into an argument while I was in the hallway waiting for surgery years ago. Something about should we take a break first or clean up right away, and it was awful. I’ve had wonderful nurses, kind and patience. I’ve had rough nurses and gentle nurses. I don’t think all of the younger ones seem to be as dedicated as the older nurses, thank goodness some young ones are great. I admire them, but also realize that in what ever career anyone is in, everyone is different, good and bad. As for the Miss. America contest, I thought it was beautiful but different, Talent is usually Singing, dancing, playing an instrument etc. The first monologue that was used for the talent in the Miss. America contest was I think in 1946. All the monologue’s (I think, not positive) have been written by other people, not by themselves so I think that is why people were a little confused. I was watching that part of the View and they were a little harsh, but only because they didn’t consider it was a talent, not that nurses weren’t great. Saying that I don’t know anyone and I mean anyone that hasn’t said something they shouldn’t have. So I’m glad nurses are standing together and for the good ones wonderful, but we can’t keep blinders on. Hope I haven’t offended anyone.

  4. R.E.Soard says:

    As husband to a nurse for 60 years father to an emergency room nurse (15 years) and a respriatory tech (25) I have to admit I do not watch “the view”. However my wife and daughter are keeping me in line with health. The times I have seen my wife come home after a shift sad about someone at work I tried to get her off the worry line. Raising 5 kids only left her time to work PRN and she has felt that she had not utilized her training. I noted strongly that raising 5 kids she had very well utilized it. She is still utilizing it….

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  6. Linda Oliver says:

    Ditto ditto ditto …very good read! Linda, RN-BSN CVOR

  7. you are Punk Rock! thank you for your words, they express more than most of us could say under such constraints.

  8. Genie says:

    Becky, from the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough for such a beautifully written letter that expresses in a very intelligent way without ranting & raging as I was.
    I could have never put into words as as succinctly all the anger, rage, disgust and frustration and the stereotype The
    View presented.
    I did not buy their apology. Nor did I buy their show having RNs as guests.
    Dr. Oz beat them to it!
    Thank you again.

  9. emmy says:

    I have worked in Long Term Care for 36 years, while I am not a nurse my admiration and respect knows no bounds for my fellow co-workers that make a difference every day. I found it refreshing to see a talent that didn’t involve a skimpy costume and twirling a baton or a low cut dress and mediocre singing. I felt that was TRUE TALENT and wish more contestants were as honest and heartfelt in what they say and do.
    I LOVED your letter!

  10. CAM says:

    KIKI obviously has a very one sided idea of what’s acceptable and what’s not! I have to say I have always loved The View as a hole without a couple of new added additions. They made a huge poor lack of judgement on the comments about Miss Colorado scrubs and nurses! My daughter is an RN/BSN and there are not enough words to express the gratitude to them all for caring for our society no matter what the illness. 💗 To all nurses!

  11. Greg says:

    While I agree that what was said on The View was idiotic and completely uncalled for, I think this is an opportunity for us to look at this from another perspective. For the record, I use a better stethoscope then a lot of the doctors I see, (Littman cardiology III). I have had the pleasure of working with nurses that that are the best in the business, to include LPN/LVNs. I believe that as nurses we should come together on issues that affect our patients and not let what a bunch of overpaid buffoons influence what we as nurses actually do on a daily basis for others.
    Let’s unite against patient to nurse ratios, the acuity of the patients that we care for and working short staffed. Patients seem to come to the hospital with more health issues than before they were admitted. We not only have to treat what brought them to the hospital in the first place, but also their underlying health issues. What about the completely idiotic patient satisfaction that we have to cater to? The hospitals that we work for only look at the monetary value of the patient, (or client which is what we supposed to call them now), not the patient themselves. Even with all the education that we give our patients, we cannot control what those patients do when they leave our care. Between the diabetics that eat 5 snickers bars with their half gallon of ice cream, to the CHF patient that still wants to stop at McDonalds for burgers and sit in the recliner all day and then wonders why they are being readmitted to the hospital for the same problems.
    Let’s unite for not receiving raises for 3-5 years while our hospitals build new wings with hard wood flooring and granite counter tops so that patients and visitors feel like that they are at a resort. So how does this help with patient care? When patients feel like that they are at a 5 star hotel they expect that they are going to be treated that way. Between request for a complete meal at 1:30 in the morning to a Patient saying that her “ice water was to cold” (yes I have had a patient say that to me), it can lead to some confusion as to what the role of a nurse entails.
    Let’s unite and stop the philosophy “that nurses eat their young”. Just because it happened to you does not mean that you have to do it to someone else. Let’s stop the inward bickering on what area of nursing is the most difficult. We need to remember that we are all working towards a common goal and all areas of nursing has their own difficulties. Let’s help the new nurses become the best nurses that they can possibly be. You never know if that nurse that you treated poorly might be the nurse taking care of you or your loved ones at some point in the future. I for one would like to know that nurse assigned to my care has the knowledge he/she may need to perform their job to the best of their ability to include nursing assistants. Most nursing assistants are attending nursing school. We need to help them out and show them what we are doing and take the time to teach these young nurses the correct procedures. Our assistants are a vital part of the health care team. They are a second pair of eyes and ears for all of us nurses. We need to thank them for what they do for us and our patients as often as we possibly can.
    Let’s unite about the way some doctors look and speak to us. I have had to call doctors early in the morning and have been at the receiving end of their anger about being awakened at two or three a clock in the morning to obtain orders. The doctors need to understand that they chose this profession and we have no control when a patient may have difficulties. Doctors also need to understand that the new electronic charting allows them access to a patients chart away from the hospital. They are able to add orders for a patient and look up lab values. Let’s get them to stop wasting our time and start doing their jobs of taking care of their patients.
    Let’s unite against hospital administration that add more and more on to our already hectic jobs with no compensation. Most of our administration has no idea what our jobs entail but yet seem to think they know a better way for us to do our jobs. We need to evaluate polices that make no sense and waste our time that could be used for patient care. Catering to the patients so that they give the hospital satisfactory marks on the patient surveys should be the LEAST of our worries.
    These issue are more important to me than what a group of uneducated bullies say about my profession. I know what I do for my patients every day and the impact that I have on them as well as the impact they have had on my life. These women bash any person that they can because they lack the knowledge of what a nurse does. They have never experienced the feeling you get when you make a difference in someone else’s life. They will never know the satisfaction you get when a patient thanks you for everything that you did for them. They will never know the joy that you feel when a patient is able to go home, and you know that you helped in the healing process. They will never know the feeling when a patient loses their battle and a family member hugs you and thanks you for all that you did for their loved one. So let’s quit giving them the publicity that they strive for, and unite for our patients.

  12. rkmars says:

    I recently retired because of medical necessity after over 25 years as a Critical Care, Administrative, and teaching RN. I am so proud of all the Nurses, former patients, and allied health professionals who have spoken up and voiced their concerns over the tactless and ignorant comments directed towards Nurses expressed on The View. I sickened of the entire jackal-feeding-frenzy View thing back in the day when the Rosie O’Donnell mess went on and have not regularly watched it in several years.(I personally prefer the personalities, topics, and view points of the women on The Talk) Be that as it may, I must admit I am stunned that Joy could be so foolish and insensitive, she is usually a comedic genius with a real sense of what the audience will tolerate and what it will not. In the past she has certainly been no slouch on speaking her mind when it comes to issues involving women and girls, so this crass shot coming out of the blue at Nurses is a real shocker. I managed to watch the program on You Tube after all the fuss started and, to be honest, I think Joy was trying to be her usual “mouthy” self by making a comment she thought was clever/witty and it failed miserably.

    Where things really went South was when she didn’t simply say it was supposed to be funny and admit it was a dumb remark that fell flat, apologize to the audience, and go on.I think if Whoopi had been there things might not have escalated to the extent they have, but who knows. Anyone who watches any of the numerous televised “talk” shows dominated by women knows all too well that unfortunately we, speaking out as women, tend to be our own worst enemies. For example, few men in the media are as viciously critical of Hillary Clinton as the women are. We take shots at each other all the time, probably a combination of factors are involved in producing this: a dying remnant of the patriarchal culture that taught us to compete with each other for masculine approval and attention added to a work environment filled with so many stresses that at times it staggers the imagination.. During my many years as a Nurse I witnessed many situations where Nurses turned on each other in ways reminiscent of a pack of blood-starved hyenas. While this is certainly not attractive or usually very constructive, it happens every day. Any woman who regularly works a 40+hour week as a Nurse knows what I am talking about because she has seen it happen all too often.

    I did not write to The View, not because I was concerned about how my comments would reflect on myself in particular or Nursing in general. I chose to remain silent because if there is anything I have learned during the last ten years of online social interactions it is this: When faced with total idiots in the media do NOT feed the monkeys.I see the so-called “ladies” of The View as a monkey house where the keepers are offstage counting the revenue that comes in from the advertisers. Looks like the appalled and angry response is going to end up being a lot more influential than anyone anticipated, including those monkeys and their keepers.

    Maybe sometimes it does pay to feed the monkeys because the resultant insanity just might mean there will shortly be fewer monkeys around to irritate us all. Thank you Ms Rudd for so beautifully speaking for all of us…you fed the monkeys brilliantly with grace, charm, and generosity of spirit. Well done, my sister. R. Mars RN, BS, CCRN, CRNI

  13. Carl P Meglan Jr PE PS FNSPE says:

    “And the second is like unto the first; thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy self!”

    Thank you for your wondetful example of a reply tjeway HE might reply!

    Ms Goldberg has much to learn about Love and Forgiveness; not to mention gratitude;

  14. Lovie Dechio Condrick, RN, BS ...Retired Nurse Educator and Staff Nurse says:

    Dear Becky; I have never felt more proud to be a nurse. Thank you for your wonderful letter to Whooppi. I am so disappointed in all of ‘The View’… administration/network as well as the cast. I hope you sent a copy of this above letter to the networks, major papers (good editorial)… as well as Johnson and Johnson and Eggland’s Best (so proud of their reaction).

    • R.J. Rudd says:

      I did send a copy to J&J and Eggland’s Best. I received very kind emails back from both companies. I believe this blog post was shared several time on the View’s Facebook page, though not of my own doing. The View blocked me from their FB page…hmm…why in the world would that happen? (wink, wink) I found out when a friend of mine called and said that’s where she read it first! I have had no response from ABC or anyone affiliated with the show…(which does not surprise me in the least, as I wasn’t really expecting one). Onward and upward now…I said what I needed to say and as far as I’m concerned that show is a distant memory. Any future blog posts pertaining to nursing or the medical world will be used for educational purposes about issues directly affecting nurses or stories related to past experiences Thank you for reading and taking time to comment. Blessings..

  15. It was a nurse at my wife’s bedside that saved her when had a heart attack. It sounds like a bunch of children running “The View”, “speak first, think later”. Let’s get some adults on the program or why don’t we just shut it down!!!

  16. Hello Becky: That is more than you said at 263. I don’t watch the view. I’m certain that the actors heads are filled with other people’s thoughts and words. They have left their youth behind at the Hollywood land city limits and entered with empty heads to make recitals easier. They need to go home and share time with school-mates to get their livesback.

    Really enjoyed the trip and the sightof ice cubes.

  17. They say “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”, I wonder what “they” have to say about the “hand that takes care of you.”
    -S.H. PACU RN

  18. Brandi says:

    I just love this letter. I am a Medical Assistance at a Family and Pediatric office. I LOVE my job. I would not trade it for anything. I have seen and heard alot. I believe we ands nurses, ma, rn, cna, or anytime of nurse are what makes the doctors. We assist them in almost everything. We open and closed the offices. We are the ones the patients see last not the doctors. I would not trade what I do for anything. Again thank you for writing this letter and sticking up for us.

  19. Sheila Doss says:

    This was a wonderful post. I am President-elect of the American Nephrology Nurses Association and I would like to reprint the entire post in an article I am writing for our Update. It will reach 10,000 plus nephrology nurses. If you would agree to this please email me your written permission. Thank you so much.–Sheila

  20. flordemaria sos says:

    Thank you I’m a CNA, NURSING ASSISTANT. …. I LOVE WHAT I DO, AND WILL ONLY SEE surpassed all rudeness because that are job to live and forgive and be there when your sick in a bed……

  21. R. Austin says:

    This letter was forwarded to me by an old High School friend who is also a nurse. I found my calling to become a doctor after marriage and children, and had some struggles along the way because I would not compromise my integrity or principles. This, of course, meant that many times, I would forgo the recognition, the promotion, or the bonus. I started with a plan to be a surgeon, and had taught anatomy along the way. Instead, I became an Internist with a particular love of caring for the elderly. This decision would have surprised me years earlier. But, my observations and first hand experience with beloved family members, led me to make that decision. I had to help those who worked hard their entire lives and now find themselves pushed through a system or even dismissed. I make sure that information is explained and one of my greatest complements was when someone asked if I had been a nurse. They said that the way I explain to patients, the compassion I show, and the nonverbal Q’s I pick up on are more consistent with nursing care. I have immense respect for good nurses and count on them to monitor the entire patient. They are the eyes and ears and the connection with families that is so important in patient care. The people on that horrible show demonstrate their lack of knowledge, compassion, values, and common sense almost on a daily basis. And, to clarify what one person put in their post about qualification of talent. I agree that there are different ways to judge and measure individuals in any job or profession (the numbers game). To be a good or great nurse takes hard work, dedication, compassion, social skills, empathy, intelligence, ability to anticipate, to name a few. To take all of these and other qualifications and use them to coordinate and save lives, and do it well, is and does take Talent!! One measure that I ascribe to is…can I look myself in the mirror and live with my decisions? The ladies on the View obviously frequently look in the mirror but only see a reflection of someone who thinks they are more important than they are. Thank you to nurses who have sacrificed and worked hard for others, and do so without any expectations, but because they care!

    • R.J. Rudd says:

      Thank you so much, Dr Austin. Blessings to you, sir.

      • John Johnson says:

        My son is in an ICU unit in Tallassee Fl. and the nurses are so kind to us when we call to check on him. And the 3 times we been up there we saw what A wonderful group of nurses that take care of him. As we are much older and can’t travel to well they go out of their way to talk to us on the phone. God Bless all nurses and medical professionals.

  22. Kay Miller Temple says:

    RJ Rudd: Like you, the comments, and the comments about the comments stirred me up and forced me to express myself. I am happy to see your blog post’s impact!

  23. Donna says:

    As someone who came into this world as a preemie in the early 50’s and spent an entire childhood in hospitals then grew up to work in hospitals like Kaiser and
    Stanford as a nursing assistant, lab tech, phlebotomist and pathology assistant and now again after many years being a patient again for another 13 surgeries…..I am insulted from both sides of this spectrum. Trust me, one day you (the ladies of The View) will have a moment in your life when you will get your wake up call either because of a family loss or loss of a friend or a health crisis of your own, and you will be thankful for that nurse who cares for you or that Dr that saved your life or the EMTs who got there fast enough to save your sorry butts…..something will give you the reckoning with life that will change your attitudes and I hope it comes sooner rather than later. I hope more sponsors pull out and this crabby ass show is finally off the air.

  24. Jerry says:

    Incredibly well written. Perhaps the most passionate and sincere work of writing I have ever read. However, I find it disturbing that you depict nurses as a corps of *women.* The support and solidarity spawned by the callous remarks on The View were directed at the nursing profession, which includes men. Myself, and my male colleagues, were just as insulted as my female counterparts. The Victorian stereotype of nursing as a female only profession is just as far off base as what was said on The View.

    • R.J. Rudd says:

      I did include my brother nurses! I would never leave my male colleagues out. I made the reference to women learning to speak to and about each other, meaning women, in general, not referring to only female nurses…because I firmly believe women need to be more mindful of how we communicate in a supportive way and never bashing one another. I wholeheartedly agree with you! Male nurses (and I’ve had the privilege and honor to work with some of the best the profession has to offer) are every bit as essential to the profession as females!! I’m sorry you perceived this piece as excluding my male counterparts, it truly was not my intent in the least. Blessings to you Jerry!

  25. Audrey says:

    Give The View “ladies” some aloe, because they just got burned!!!!! And give Joy the boot!!!!

  26. Julie says:

    Here’s a thought…STOP WATCHING “The View”

    • JEANIE HIERS says:

      I don’t watch The View. I can’t stand the ladies on the show.  It’s like each one wants to see who can be the loudest.  These women are not worth my time.        ludi

  27. Nunya Bidnezz says:

    Seriously these women still have followers? They are some of the most acidic, morbid, uninformed, misandristic, narrow-minded people on the planet and those that worship probably share the same attributes. That being said, I am not surprised that once again they are telling people how to think as that is their very nature. I always thought Whoopi would remain true to her roots but even she has adopted the political mantra spewed by the party of runyouoverifyoudunthinklikeus. As an independent I have watched these women and their party get further and further away from the very blue-collar workers that made them where (no mistake) they are today, that judgmental pedestal they sit upon. They need to go away and representatives of the true blue collared that remain faithful to their roots need to replace them. They are so out of touch anymore and this is proof as they don’t recognize their own. It’s why they scream it at the other party, they recognize it within themselves.

  28. Hattie. Hamilton says:

    You tell em, Becky! I almost died twice last year and I wouldn’t be here today w/o the loving and caring nurses I had at Flowers Hospital, Noland Hospital w/in SAMC (Southern Alabama Medical Center, and Wesley Manor, all in Dothan, AL. They all were knowledgeable, loving, caring, hardworking men and women who never complained abt being on their feet 10-12 hours a day or longer shifts when they had sick ones at home that needed them too. They were at work to take care of their patients, be it a former of physical therapy (walking them to build their strength back up) or if they were incompacitated like myself for weeks, those beautiful men and women were there for me seeing to me! They had never seen me before but they didn’t hesitate to do their jobs nor go beyond their jobs to see to my comfort as much as there could be. When I had to learn to talk again, they helped me as well when my speech therapist wasn’t there. I’ll always have fond thoughts of all my nurses at the hospitals I mentioned for their devotion, hard work and loving care they provided to me during my 5 weeks in their hospitals!! God bless each and everyone of those men and women in Dothan, AL and may they know, deep down, as I told them enough, that I truly appreciated all of them for helping me get my life back after a horrible fall where I fractured vertebrae in upper then lower back as well plus tore my right rotator cuff in shoulder. My lower back still gives me fits with all the pain even after having cement put in there to hold vertebrae together, I guess. Lower back wasn’t as lucky as upper back when that was done there! I just wanted to let you all know how grateful I am and will forever be for all the nurses I had during my 5 wk. stay. God bless all of you!! Mrs. Hattie Hattie Hamilton

  29. Ron Finnegan says:

    SUPPORT. It won’t be forgotten.
    Shame on you other sponsors
    We won’t forget you also

  30. honeybooboo says:

    2015. The year America was offended by EVERYTHING. I was with you in the beginning of your letter (it seemed really rational and balanced and informed) but it went down hill for me. I despise the view for many MANY reasons. Watched foR years, seen all the best hot topics youtube clips, always appreciated the well informed rational viewpoints of ppl like Nicole, Meredith, or even Whoopi pre 2009 and Rosie O sometimes. The points you make about Joy, Michelle and Whoopi were…you can tell you’re a casual viewer. ITA that Whoopi is a giant hypocrite telling viewers to listen and look more carefully and then doesn’t follow through herself. But what was said really wasn’t that heinous. This is the same program, post 9/11 (Joy present) who lauded nurses, doctors and first responders, where when some random guest or audience member briefly mentions their mom/dad/whoever is a nurse the entire audience bursts into applause. Joy was a miss America judge prior. She did not watch this clip, had next to no context for it (as per the view). It WAS an offhanded remark about the stethoscope, not some willful underhanded dig at nurses (but of course somehow you see through that charade). When some people wonder how or where manufactured outrage comes from, I will re: your letter.

  31. Sam says:

    I don’t watch The View although have seen parts of it. I think the most effective show of support for nurses (and an approach everyone associated with the show will understand) we should stop talking about the incident and stop watching the show. I don’t think any of our lives will be adversely affected because of watching less TV.

    Who are these people that we really care about their opinion? Society gives far too much value to the falseness of Hollywood.

    Just the opinion of one nurse of 30 years.
    Sandra, RN, BscN, GNC(C)

  32. ed dipple says:

    nurses are the best . i have the greatest respect and appreciation for nurses and all the rest of the health care pros . ever so often i am compelled to take a couple dozen donuts to the er and or the critical care staff just for the way they took great care of an old asshole like me

  33. Cindy Drohn says:

    AH, Ms Rebecca, my comment is a bit late … but I’m doing some research for my BSN students and I came across your blog. I will not stir the pot, but would like to put just a little whipped cream and nuts on that piece of (humble)pie you served The View. As an ER nurse for 25 years and a nurse educator for the past 13, I found your comments and your form refreshing, generous, and to the point. Unfortunately, I suspect it will miss the mark … not because of your aim but because of their lack of substance! My prayer is that SOMEDAY, they will be confronted with a need for a good nurse – and there that professional will be, ready to serve as we always are.
    Bless you for your insight and wisdom.

  34. Ergowend says:

    I agree completely, Frankie. Having a disability, I have had wonderful nurses and terrible ones. When my father had cancer and was in the hospital for a few weeks(his last it turned out), I went back home to see my kids and husband after the 3rd day (which was 2 hours away). I came back 3 days later, and he had lost so much weight. I asked the nurses why. They said, “He has given up and won’t eat. He said he wants to go home to God”. They said he had stopped eating 2 days ago and they were honoring his DNR. DNR??!! Having PA, I told them to come in with me immediately. Turns out the tube that had been down his throat had torn it and caused esophagitis, so solid food hurt and he had said he wanted to go home…to his house (he hates hospitals). After explaining what a DNR actually was to these ladies, letting them know my father would not be starved to death, telling them I wanted Ensures and puddings stat, and letting them know they would not assume things or make decisions about his health care from here forward I knew I would be staying at that hospital until he was released. Like in any there are bad and good employees. Unlike other professions, it is essential the bad ones are weeded out because it can be a matter of life and death.

  35. Pingback: (Opinion) Nurse’s Open Letter To “The View” (In Response To Hosts’ Comments) About Her Profession | 100.5 Fresh Radio

  36. Meredith says:

    I thank you for the class and intelligence you display in this article. I especially love the end. As a psych nurse i’m told quite often how awful I am and am subjected to much more colorful language. Doesn’t change the care I give.
    In my biased opinion I have chosen a career in which I surround myself with the most selfless of people.
    Again, thank you for the class/intelligence in which you have presented us.
    Shame on those who view us any differently!

  37. jenny rea says:

    God bless you for writing this letter defending your Honorable and proud profession. These three had it coming and not just about nursing. They get paid a lot of money for a nonsensical job. They are evil and constantly berate the other panelists that don’t agree with them. They are so liberal and never give reasons for defending the people that they do. They spew hatred. They are paid 5 and 3 million dollars a year. In the 1 per cent. Good for you.

  38. Ld says:

    I heard Kelley speak yesterday and she was wonderful! She was funny,intelligent and made us all doubly proud to be nurses. If you want to be inspired, please ask her to speak for your group.

  39. Loretta Cowie says:

    All I can think & say is Thank You for your intelligent, direct & loving words. I tried to go to Nursing School twice. After being accepted into nursing school from HS, I cancelled my entrance because as I met my husband,married & had 6 pregnancies as in 10 yrs. Being a Mother is as close I got to Nursing School. When my youngest went to first grade I got a job at a hospital as a nurse tech & I went back to school to become a nurse! After a while being a Mom gave way to taking good care of my children. I was able to keep my job that I retired from after 25 yrs. My desire to be a nurse came true. The hospital I worked for enabled me to learn so many skills as a nurse tech. Then my head nurse encouraged me to “get behind the desk” as a secretary. All the nurses I worked with treated me with respect because they, I believe, saw my skills & love of nursing profession. Shame on you Whoopi for trying to shame any nurse. Just wanted my nurse co workers, I have your backs😇

  40. Steve says:

    Whoopi is a good actress, but not a thinker. Insipid show.

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